Beyond has full coverage of the skills, knowledge and experience required for a successful enterprise and online application development projects:


  • Design/Architecture: We have extensive experience in architecting software and infrastructure solutions for mission critical distributed enterprise applications, and understand how to design for performance, security, scalability and development team productivity.
  • Development Process: We specialise in helping teams optimise their development processes and improve their productivity. We can help establish “Agile” processes such as Iterative Releases, Build Automation, Continuous Integration, Unit Testing and provide guidance in the integration of source control and issue tracking systems.
  • Implementation: We specialise in .NET based development and our developers are Microsoft Certified. We have extensive experience in the following areas:

    • Rich Client and Web based GUI development
    • Distributed Application Development, including Service Oriented Architectures
    • Application Frameworks and Code Generation Frameworks
    • Relational Database Development, including Oracle and SQL Server

  • Configuration Management and Deployment: We have extensive experience managing the build, configuration and release processes for large, complex systems. We specialise in deployment technologies such as installer creation, and automated client and server provisioning.


Beyond’s Online team specialises in creating world class internet applications, from corporate portals and e-commerce sites, through to fully customised intranet and extranet applications. Our key differentiation is the depth of our technical skills and experience: we specialise in “back-end” development tasks, and have extensive experience in developing high throughput, mission critical web applications.

  • Custom Applications: We specialise in building custom solutions to help our customers streamline their processes and automate their businesses. By integrating and customising our extensive suite of existing components, such as our CRM module, our clients can get a fully tailored solution without the associated cost and risks.
  • Best-of-Breed Product Integration: We can provide cost effective solutions for common application types such as content management system based corporate portals and e-commerce applications by integrating off-the-shelf products, which are robust, feature rich and free.
  • Design: We maintain a network of world class graphic designers to ensure that your application looks as good as it runs.