At Beyond we have a stringent set of standards that a person must meet to become a member of our team.

  • extensive and varied technical experience
  • excellent communication skills
  • an obsession for quality
  • a history of taking personal responsibility and ownership for the projects that you are involved in
  • a history of project success
  • be customer focussed and ethical

As minimising turn over of key staff is an important ingredient in nurturing long-term relationships, our selection criteria also includes willingness to make a long-term commitment, both to Beyond and our customers.

The rate of our growth is limited by the rareness of this type of talent. Simply put, our aim is not to be the biggest, but the best.

Our Network

As well as our core team, Beyond maintains a network of specialists that can be brought in to handle over flow and/or if a particular project dictates skills in certain areas. This provides us with the flexibility to build a team tailored perfectly for a project's requirements, ensuring both a successful project and more importantly a positive experience for both our clients and staff.