Beyond Software Development provides services for software development projects, large and small. Depending on the needs of your project, Beyond can provide battle hardened technical resources, ready made development teams, or fully outsourced end-to-end solutions.

We specialise in building custom web and windows desktop applications. Our key differentiation is the depth of our technical skills and experience: we specialise in “heavy lifting” development tasks, and have extensive experience in developing high performance, mission critical applications.

To provide economical and fast solutions, we also specialise in integration of best-of-breed packaged solutions, in both open and closed source varieties, for applications such as e-commerce, content management, customer relationship management, enterprise resource management and more.

Latest news:

  • The Uniform Manager now available in Asia Pacific - The Uniform Manager is the market leading asset management system specifically designed to automate staff uniform operations in hotels, casinos, hospitals, resorts and other uniform intensive industries.

    The Uniform Manager has been successfully installed in over 70 locations across North America, and we are now are now proud to announce the availability of the Uniform Manager in the Asia Pacific Region. more...

Some recent projects:

We can also help when:

  • you need to plug a short term gap in your in house development team
  • you are establishing or scaling out your team and you need to establish best practice development processes
  • you are starting a mission critical project and need to ensure that the right technical decisions are being made, and the best architectures chosen
  • you have outsourced your development project and want an independent assessment of the work being done by the third party
  • you have identified a business need for an application and need a technical partner to help guide you through the key early decisions: buy-vs-build, insource-vs-outsource, open source-vs-proprietary, etc.
  • you want to free your core development team from being caught up with mundane (but critical) project tasks such as builds, release management, deployment and production support
  • you want to partner with a development team that put the people and the project before the technology